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How to install a Blogger Template


How to install a Blogger Template?

Its true that in Blogger is not like in Wordpress but is easy in the both platforms to change the design of your blog.

There are three types of files for the blogger templates: 1.The .xml files(you must upload them) 2. The HTML code that is in your .xml file or 3 a directory that contains all the files needed in that template and you have to upload all the photos to a image hosting service.

So, lets start!

1.The .xml file

Just login to your Blogger account and chose that blog you want to change the design.Next go to the Layout section and choose Edit HTML than click on browse button and upload your .xml file.

2.Change the HTML code

Changing the HTML code is similar to the .xml file upload procedure...you most login to your Blogger account and than go to the Layout panel - Edit HTML and replace the code with your own HTML code.

3.Upload Template photos to a image hosting service

You can use for uploading images PhotoBucket or ImagesHack both are very good in image hosting but I recommend using PhotoBucket because I think is more stable than ImagesHack.

a)If you choose PhotoBucket

Just sign up in PhotoBucket than choose your photos to upload from the theme directory and go to the next step.Give them names and description you like indicate some tags you think that they define, copy the HTML code of the image(the direct url to the images) and paste it to the place where you wish your image to appear in your blogger template.You will do this in the Edit HTML section.

b) If you choose Imageshack

The procedure is same but you must copy the direct link to image.

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