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Linkgrand, get money from clicks


You may now asking what LinkGrand.com is.

Linkgrand is a website PPC that means it pays you for your every single click on ads.

I believe that you heard about a lot of scam websites when your talking about the pay to click programs...and I really understand you,I was searching for best PTC programs and serious services but, unfortunately in my search I found a lot of scam websites like bux.to, adbux.com, 10bux and much more ptc programs that just makes you to waste your time, and you know that time means money ;) so.

Linkgrand offers you 0,003 $ per click...I know that is not much but you have a lot of ads to click and also you can reffer your friends to Linkgrand and get 30% from what they earn so if you are smart and build a big strategical refferer network you can win a great extra cash monthly.

If you reffer an advertiser you will recieve 10% from the payment, and also if you are the advertiser you can drive a lot of traffic to your website and get new customers for your products.

They pay you through paypal and you can request your payment when you reach a minimum of $5.

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